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An awesome adventure of Myth and Modernity inspired by that Ancient Greek classic, The Odyssey. Outwit greedy Monsters, escape the savage Cyclops, survive the sweet-singing Siren Sisters and overcome a sucking and spewing Whirlpool to save the day with the cleverest Greek hero of all time — Odysseus (he of Wooden Horse fame).


A Pandora’s Box of storytelling, theatre, song and buffoonery, puppets, props and participation, told by Oddy the great great great (etc) grandson of Odysseus.


Come to the pre show Playshop to make a

monster puppet and help create our own

brand new adventure to put in the show!


Michael Loader actor and storyteller


"Rude, witty, gory and silly with a big dollop of

artistic licence, the epic tales of

Odysseus have never been so alive and kicking"

St Stephen’s Bristol





An original story inspired by Hans Christian Andersen’s well- loved tale and the less well known legend of St Modwen, the music of ‘Swan Lake’, Saint Saens, Singing musical ‘Saws’, Beatbox, Funnel Trumpet and Drainpipes!


DISASTER! – Follow the adventures of a homeless young swan… Aah!


ENEMIES! – Meet the characters that confuse and wish her harm… Boo!


FIGHT! – Join in, dance out and sing through her struggle for freedom… Ooo!


HAPPY EVER AFTER…? Find out how our story will end, ‘swan song’ or phoenix reborn?


Michael Loader

Original story writter and teller

Alison Francis Black

Violin and voice

Martin Solomon

Accordion, Celtic harp and singing saw

Owen Francis Black

Human Beatbox


“Inspired and inspiring performance.

Engaging story, lovely music, grabbing choruses.

Sad, funny, touching, the lot!"

Cheltenham Jazz Festival





Join Wild Words for a new and original story for families, with live music from the sublime sonatas, concertos and symphonies of the Master Composer to rustic folk tunes of the day and an unexpected groovy number!


A Ludwig van Beethoven Rollercoaster of drama and daring, triumph and trauma, from the shadows of his father to the guiding love of his mother, from losing his hearing to the Ode to Joy. Meet Mozart, the pink wigs of Vienna and a dancing puppet all wrapped up in Wild Words’ trademark magical invention.


Learn a song to sing in the show in our PLAYSHOP and ‘Meet the Instruments’ from strings to brass to accordion


Michael Loader

Storyteller, storywriter and flugel horn

Alison Francis Black

Violin and voice

Martin Solomon

Celtic harp, accordion

Caitlin Alais Callahan

Piano, flute and bass


"An intoxicating mix of sound and story to leave

a magical world lingering in the minds of their

young audience for a very long time"

St George’s Bristol





Elgar is a worm who simply does what worms simply do until his world is dropped into the unknown...


Follow Elgar’s quest as he meets a star gazing toad in the hole, an ostracized ostrich with its head in the sand and a sagacious serpent with a passion for the changing face of fashion.


Get ready for a musical menagerie of assorted sounds

and songs from upbeat blues to downtown jazz,

an operatic jewel from George Gershwin and cool

classical gems from Edward Elgar.

All accompanied with puppetry and big screen projections.


An original story from Wild Words with Storymaker

and Storyteller Michael Loader (trumpet)

Singer Robert Short, Actor Rosie Mason-Loader

Musicians Alison Francis Black (violin),

Caitlin Alais Callahan (piano and bass),

Liz Muir (cello) and Photographer Diana Patient






Tchaikovsky’s famous music and a heart warming tale of Magic and Adventure are brought to life giving primary school pupils a fantastic opportunity to experience live music, dance and theatre.


“A fantastic afternoon bringing together super music,

beautiful dancing and great fun entertainment”

Head Teacher of Churchill Primary School


“Thank you so much for this afternoon.

I’ve had such positive comments from staff,

and the children couldn’t stop talking about it!”

Music-Lead at Churchill Primary School



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